Thursday, 17 January 2013

Women and Wargaming?

As I was pillaging my way over the internet, I stumbled across this article whose author is less mourning the absence of women in the well-known Warhammer 40k and more angrily blaming his fellow gamers for it.

I've touched on the difficulties women face as they increasingly come to the forefront of gaming, Fantasy and other traditionally male areas of geekdom. It's certainly a problem, but I'd never thought of how much worse it must be in a hobby where you're stuck facing the same person for up to 2 hours.

At least on Xbox Live you can hit mute. Sadly, there is no 'off' button for heavy breathing and BO.

This is kind of awesome thoughSource
Personally I stopped playing Warhammer and 40K when I was 15. Mostly, I got bored with the universe. I mean, the epic scale of war is cool and all but the unflinching 'Grittiness' of it all is a major drag. Still, from my time spent hanging around Games Workshops I can certainly see where this guy is coming from.

Until next time friends, let us say Skål! and drink together.

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